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Chandler, Gilbert, Mesa, Tempe, Queen Creek, Apache Junction, Ahwatukee



    • Timer Repair and Replacement
    • Timer Wire Repair and Replacement
    • Timer Setting Repair
    • and Replacement
Gilbert Irrigation Installation
  • Brass Manual Anti-Siphon Valves Repair/Replacement
  • Pressure Vacuum Breaker Installation/Repair/Replacement
  • Gate Valve Mains Replace with New Ball Valves
  • Hose Bib Replacement with Ball Valve Hose Bibs
Gilbert Irrigation Repair
  • Low-Pressure Diagnosis
  • Anti-Siphon Valves
  • Pressure Vacuum Breakers
Gilbert Sprinkler Repair
    • Drip System Remodel/Replacement
    • Repair/Replacement of Under valve
    • Drip Line Leaks Under Concrete or Driveways or Sidewalks
    • Installation of Sleeves under Concrete
East Valley AZ Drip System
    • 5-Year Warranty on Parts
    • Adding Plant/Tree Lines
    • Anti-Siphon Valves
    • Broken Pipes, PVC or Copper
    • Broken Sprinkler Heads
    • Brown Spots
    • Design and Layout
    • Drip System Add-Ons
    • Drip System Installation East Valley
    • Drip System Repairs Tempe
    • Drip System Replacement/Remodel
    • Leak Detection
    • Low Pressure Diagnosis
    • Pressure Vacuum Breaker (PVB) Installation
    • PVC Pipe Leaks
    • Replacement/Remodel
    • Seasonal System Checks
    • Sprinkler and Drip Repair
    • Sprinkler Design and Layouts
    • Sprinkler Head Repair
    • Sprinkler Installation
    • Sprinkler Pipe Repair
    • Sprinkler System Installations East Valley
    • Sprinkler System Repair
    • Sprinkler System Re-Routes
    • Sprinkler Tune-ups
    • Sprinkler Valve Repair
    • Timer Setting or Replacement
    • Troubleshooting
    • Tune-ups
    • Valve and Timer Problems
    • Valve Location
    • Valve Repair
    • Valve Systems
    • Water Sprinkler Systems
    • Wiring Problems

Irrigation System Design

Williams Sprinkler & Irrigation will send a professional Irrigation Technician to your home for an initial consultation. We will outline the basic requirements and review important factors needed to provide an irrigation system that is right for you. A good sprinkler system installer will never begin a project without a well planned sprinkler layout.
The design of your system is important not only to ensure proper coverage, but also for water conservation purposes. You will want to have the right combination and placement of rotor heads and spray heads to ensure proper coverage for the lawn and landscaping. Correct placement of these elements will help you to avoid water on the structure of your house, your neighbors lawn or the street. Imagine that – designing an irrigation system that watered exactly what it was supposed to water? That’s value, and that’s what Williams Sprinkler & Irrigation promises to deliver!

Irrigation Service And Repair

We service all types of sprinkler systems regardless of who installed them.
Our service technicians are knowledgeable of all aspects of the repair and service of irrigation in the East Valley area including, the sprinkler heads, timers, valve boxes, pressure valves, pipe replacement, rain sensors and complete renovation.
We know that in the last decade there have been some less than ideal sprinkler system installations in the East Valley area. Williams Sprinkler & Irrigation will provide a comprehensive evaluation of existing sprinkler system, and tell you exactly what repairs are necessary.
When you need your sprinkler serviced we urge you to trust us with your business.

Irrigation System Maintenance

If sprinkler heads aren’t cleaned out they can become clogged with grass clippings, leaves, dirt, sediment, and other items that are easily tossed about by the wind and rains. This can lead to pvc pipe, poly lines, and sprinkler heads getting jammed, rotors failing and valves being broken. Having a simple maintenance scheduled once every three months is usually enough to prevent these pop up failures. If a head is damaged, we carry every major brand on our trucks and can replace it on the spot. This is one of our top East Valley Sprinkler Repairs. If it has been a while since your irrigation system was installed, it is probably not well suited for your current needs. Your plants may have grown and have different water requirements. The original heads often don’t rise up high enough out of the dirt to effectively irrigate the land. Our Williams Sprinkler & Irrigation techs can switch out 2 and 4 inch pop up heads for larger 6 and 12 inch models. This simple change is often all that is needed to restore coverage to your system. There are hundreds of things that can go wrong with a system of this complexity. A single cracked valve can change the pressure settings for any, or even all, of the sprinklers down the line. Most of the problems with sprinkler systems result in similar symptoms so our techs come fully prepared for anything. Our trucks are fitted with every make and model of sprinkler head necessary, we also carry all of our tools to each job site. We can repair any system, large or small, usually quickly. Of course, very large jobs or installations may require some extra time. We will always keep you apprised of the status of your installation or repair work. Give us a call and see what a Williams Sprinkler & Irrigation can do for you.


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Providing sprinkler repair services in the following cities in the East Valley:

Chandler, Gilbert, Mesa, Tempe, Queen Creek, Apache Junction, Ahwatukee