Sprinkler Check Up

Sprinkler Check Up

Williams Sprinkler & Irrigation can perform sprinkler check ups for irrigation systems in and around the city of Phoenix. During this process, we will thoroughly evaluate all parts of your sprinkler system as well as your lawn to check for damage. If there are issues, we will take care of them right away if possible so you can turn on your sprinklers without worry. Our team understands that any piece of equipment (including sprinkler systems) that is not regularly used may not work correctly and that is why we will take a close look at every component of your system including the sprinklers themselves as well as the timer, valve zones, circuits and controller box.

What To Expect From A Sprinkler Check Up

The first thing we will do during a sprinkler checkup is to carefully examine your lawn to make sure there are no wet spots as these could indicate a leak or drainage problem that needs to be addressed. We will then take a look at your controller backup battery and make sure that it has a full charge; if it isn’t, we will replace it for you.

We will take a look at your sprinkler heads to make sure they are all in one piece without cracks and standing up straight just like they should. If our team at Williams Sprinkler & Irrigation notices any problems with the sprinkler heads and nozzles, we will take care of them right away as long as we have the parts with us. If we don’t, we will make an appointment for the repairs.

Keep Your Irrigation System Running Smoothly

Even if it seems that your sprinkler system is working perfectly, we at Williams Sprinkler & Irrigation will take the time to do a thorough check and that includes cleaning, adjusting and testing all of your sprinklers whether they are the spray type of the rotor type. We want to make sure that the spray patterns cover your lawn or garden completely so you don’t have to worry. To make sure that we don’t miss any problems, we will check your entire lawn going from zone to zone.

At Williams Sprinkler & Irrigation we understand that sometimes damage will not be visible even to our trained eyes and that is why we will look at your water meter. This can give us the necessary assurance that we aren’t missing any leaks that could be costing you extra on your water bill. Once our sprinkler checkup is done, you will not have anything to worry about when it comes to using your sprinkler system.

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